Sabtu, 03 November 2012

Dog Saves Deaf Man From Fire

SALEM TOWNSHIP, PA. - A fire with large flames and black smoke destroyed Valley Billiards in Salem Township, Westmoreland County.

“Wood-frame construction is basically like building a matchbox and lighting it on fire. Your enemy is the building. You're fighting the building,” said Forbes Road VFD Chief Bob Rosatti.

Burley Hartin, the owner, said his Deaf son was inside at the time and escaped unharmed after being alerted by a service dog.

Fire Destroys Valley Billiards in Salem Township

“The dog alerted him. The black Lab is his buddy and he doesn't leave his side. When this fire started, the dog just carried on something terrible, alerted him and he got out,” said Hartin.

Hartin thinks the fire was electrical in nature, caused by rain and wind from Superstorm Sandy this week... Read more:

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