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Fans Want Bloomberg's Sandy Signer' Lydia Callis Back

NEW YORK (CNN) - Fans want Bloomberg's Sandy signer' Lydia Callis back. When New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg appeared at a news conference Wednesday without Lydia Callis at his side, fans of the sign language interpreter immediately expressed their disappointment via Twitter.

"Wait, where is Lydia Callis???? (aka our favorite sign language interpreter)" @abbygardner tweeted.

"Watching Bloomberg's latest briefing. So sad Lydia Callis is not the sign language interpreter #Sandy" tweeted @kyledoyle.

"Damn they change the #signlanguagelady ... WE WANT LYDIA CALLIS BACK !!!!" @JoeyStugotz6 posted.

Callis, 30, became an Internet sensation just three days earlier because of the dramatic facial expressions and body language she used to translate Bloomberg's dire warnings about the dangers coming with Superstorm Sandy as seen: Lydia Callis: Bloomberg's interpreter goes viral.

Comedy Central's Jon Stewart, during Wednesday night's "Daily Show," said Callis's "expressive sign language interpreting turned disaster press briefings into an Alvin Ailey sign-language recital." ... Read more: http://www.cnn.com/2012/11/01/us/sandy-bloomberg-interpreter/index.html


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