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Chelesa Lately TV Show Under Fire For Mocks Sign Language

LOS ANGELES - Chelesa Lately TV show under fire for mocks sign language.

Late-night host Chelsea Handler (of the Chelsea Lately Show, on E! Network) has found herself in the center of controversy, due to this skit (air date: Oct 30, 2012) which many members of the ASL-users community say mocks and makes fun of the language they use to communicate: ASL (American Sign Language). In the skit, a member of the cast mocks Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg's ASL Interpreter Lydia Callis, who translated for the Mayor's Hurricane Sandy press conferences, as seen on YouTube video.

Many people unfamiliar with ASL and the plight of the Oralism and Hard of Hearing don't realize that facial expressions and body movements are a part of ASL, and hence it is a protected activity, with communication considered a 'major life activity' under the American With Disabilities Act (ADA).

Video by AdamSlowHandSmith

And what some with hearing (like Chelsea) would consider as "over-exaggerated" facial expressions and body movements are used for a good reason, not to "editorialize" or to be "passionate", but to communicate linguistic elements that those with hearing convey by way of vocal inflection, pitch, rhythm, pace, etc, and take for granted.

America’s largest Deaf organisation, the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) has written an open letter to the producers of a comedy show accusing them of “mocking” American Sign Language. Even, Deaf advocacy organization, Deaf Nation, released a letter the group sent to Handler.

The following article is required reading for everyone (esp. people who think like Chelsea), to understand what they're seeing:

(Also check out the comments section below the article, as they provide further information which is important to understand the issue.)

E! Entertainment Television corporate lawyers probably will feel compelled to file a DMCA take-down notice with YouTube (as is their right, as they own the copyright), but I WILL file a DMCA counter-notice, demanding they file suit in Federal Court for copyright infringement. If they need to have a Judge lecture them on the basics of the principle of "fair use" exceptions allowed under U.S. Federal Copyright law, then they can be my guest.

On the other hand, I'm willing to consider relinquishing my right to this "fair use" (public commentary) if the "Chelsea Lately Show" offers a public apology for whatever insult and harm they have caused, perhaps with a statement educating their viewers as to why ASL interpreters must use non-gestural components as a part of ASL, to be broadcast on the Chelsey Lately show in an opening monologue, with a message that is deemed acceptable by representatives of the Deaf community (eg Deaf Nation).

Sign the petition here:

Here's the vloggers, who responses to Chelsea Handler, "Chelsea Lately Show" with Closed Captioned.


"Ching Chong" ASL: Not Acceptable!

Video by DrDonGCSUS

Vlog with closed captioned, who not understand in ASL. Discussion of the reasons Lydia Callis (interpreter for Mayor Bloomberg during Hurricane Sandy) has become so "famous" and the language attitudes behind this. A comparison to language attitudes surrounding Chinese is made.


Response to Chelsea Lately - Lydia Callis Interpreter.

Video by kwptennis

(Sorry my signing isn't the best... CODA...) But here's what I'd like to say to Chelsea Handler if I could! PS- I added CC for those who can't understand.


Chelsea Lately : Interpreter Finds Fame

Video by TH3HaroldDeafVIdeo

This video is for Chelsea Handler, who mocked our American sign language. Closed captioned who not understand in sign language.


Laugh at or Laugh With?


Discussing my thoughts on issues surrounding TV Show - Chelesa Lately's skit on Hurricane Sandy's Breakout Star: Lydia Callis, NY Mayor Bloomberg's Sign Language Interpreter. Making fun of American Sign Language (ASL) in national spotlight is definitely lame and politically-incorrect despite unexpected and pricesless promotion of our beloved and respectful language recently. An interpreter's main role is to convey information rather than become a celebrity for the ignorant. Deaf people are aware of such mainstream fasincation with interpreters and our "beautiful" language. So I bring up the question that is OK to laugh at or laugh with and basically shrug this off? I think this whole publicity stunt is a turkey. I forgot to mention in my vlog: What if this was a terrorist attack rather than a weather crisis in NYC? OK to laugh at or with Lydia's national exposure? I think not.


Responding to Those Who Mock Sign Language.

Video by ndbuchholz

Lydia Callis, the interpreter for Mayor Bloomberg during Hurricane Sandy, became famous on internet overnight because of her facial expressions. A number of Deaf people have expressed their objection against those who mock the interpreter and American Sign Language, especially the comedian Chelsea Handler. How should we, as Deaf individuals, response to such mockery of our culture and language?


Response to Chelsea Lately and The Interpreter.

Video by coolcrazyguy09

I do have to use my voice so the hearing people can watch this too. I hope they understand too, because that was just uncalled for. I just learned that Saturday Night Live just made fun of us. It's spreading like wildfire!


STOP this Madness! Sign the petition here:

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Responding to Those Who Mock Sign Language

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