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Exclusive Interviews Deaf Popstar Jayne Fletcher

Exclusive Interviews Deaf Popstar Fletch@ - Jayne Fletcher.

The video clips with english subtitles of Deaf popstar, Jayne Fletcher interviews by a reporter of Paracreatives media.

Jayne Elizabeth Fletcher Jayne started her SignSong career at the tender age of 14 in a group called "A Different Beat", which was a group of 7 Deaf young people performing SignSong all over the United Kingdom. When the group split up, Jayne performed with a friend for a while and then went solo, calling herself "Fletch@".

Jaynes loves SignSong because it makes her feel proud and it makes people more Deaf aware.

Jaynes ambition is to teach famous people how to sign their songs and is aiming at inspiring hearing people to learn sign language, raise Deaf awareness and show them all that Deaf people CAN do anything except hear.

Jayne is also doing this to raise awareness of Deaf people so that Deaf people have access to music like never before. ... Read more:

ParaCreatives Documentary VT - Jayne Fletcher.

Video by Trang Nguyen

ParaCreatives Documentary VT's: Jayne Fletcher is a Deaf SignSong Performer, she translate the words of a song into sign language, which make it accessible to Deaf people.



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