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Marlee Matlin Top 5 Youngest Academy Award Winners

Top 5 Youngest Academy Award Winners.

BiteSizeTop5Video - Kicking things off at number five, we've got Marlee Matlin, who took home the Best Actress trophy in 1986 for her role as Sarah Norman in Children of a Lesser God. Matlin was just 21 years old when she became not just the youngest winner ever for the category, but also the first Deaf person to take home an Oscar.

Next up, the only guy on our Top Five - Timothy Hutton, who won Best Supporting Actor in 1980 for his role in Robert Redford's Ordinary People. Hutton, now a television star, was only 20 when he took home the gold.

At number three we've got our most legendary performance on the list - Patty Duke's incredible portrayal of Helen Keller in 1962 classic The Miracle Worker. Duke was only 16 years old when she stunned audiences across the country with her heartbreaking performance and won the Best Supporting Actress prize.

Number two on our list is also our most recent award - Anna Paquin's 1993 win for her Supporting role in The Piano. The actress was a mere eleven years old when she took home the Oscar, and has since gone on to star in both blockbuster films like X-Men and art-house classics like Margaret.

And finally, the youngest Academy Award winner of all time is... Tatum O'Neal, who won Best Supporting Actress in 1973 for her role in Paper Moon. O'Neal was just ten years old when she gave her award-winning performance alongside her father, Ryan - that's the age most kids are in the fourth grade! Amazing.

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