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Marlee Matlin Calls Saturday Night Live's Deaf Signing Skit "Childish & Insulting"

LOS ANGELES - Marlee Matlin calls Saturday Night Live's Deaf signing skit "Childish and Insulting"

Deaf actress Marlee Matlin is criticizing Saturday Night Live for the NBC show's recent deaf signing sketch, which spoofed New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's sign language interpreter Lydia Callis and her animated signing during the Hurricane Sandy press conferences as seen Lydia Callis: Bloomberg's interpreter goes viral.

"I don't mind fun poked at me, as I poke back," the Dancing with the Stars alum tweeted Sunday. "But at the language, that millions use? It feels childish and insulting."

"Sign is not mime; it is a legit language," Matlin also tweeted. "Deaf people HAVE a sense of humor. Ever see me on Family Guy or Seinfeld? But faking signs that we use isn't the same. ... Read more: http://www.tvguide.com/News/Marlee-Matlin-SNL-Deaf-Signing-1055572.aspx

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