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Kiddy Branding

Kiddy Branding

Kiddy Branding means advertising various products (mainly financial products like Credit Cards) in young people (Usually Teens) in hope that when they will get older, they will have a strong sttachment with these product brands which they have used in their teen age.

Kiddy Brnading is an amazing concept. But well, when it comes to the credit cards, it’s really a danger concept. What the credit card companies do is they do tied up with famous games, tou companies and websites for their credit cards.

Say for Example Monopoly Game and Barbiw Dolls come with Visa/Mastercard Debit Cards. Parents think that, this is how their children will learn how to manage money.

PAYjr company has recently introduced VISA Buxx Card – a prepaid debit card for teens that can be fully managed online.

In order to use the option with the debit card, the child has to be at least 13 years of age. For children under the age of 13, they offer free chore-tracking online and printable chore Calendar which help children and parents manage what chores are assigned and what associated rewards are given. It also has a "balance owed" so that children know how much money they have coming from their parents.The service is definitely very unique and is an inevitability of the World Wide Web. Surely Visa Card will make a lot of money long term through this website because of what's called "Kiddy Branding," which is advertising to children when they're younger in hopes that they'll make use of the products when they're older (ie, use this debit Visa Card now, and chances are you'll use a Visa credit card when you're 18.)

So beware of Kiddy Branding. It is good for your Business but it’s definitely not good for your Kids.

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