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13 Things that will erode your Wealth....

Here r the 12 things that will Erode your Wealth in long-term.

1) Smoking
2) Tobacco
3) Alcohol
4) Non-Veg Food
5) Parties
6) Extra Marital Affairs
7) Stress (Physical & / or Mental)

8) Car
9) Mobiles
10) Electronics (Cameras, Laptops...etc)
12) Credit Cards
13) Debt Products (Personal loans, Car loans...etc.. except Home loans and Educational Loans)

The above 12 things will erode your Wealth in a very bad manner in a long term.
u won't even realise that how dangerous these liabilities r...

All of these r liabilities...


Let us take the Example of Aditya.
Aditya is a top class person in his career and earning a lot of money every month.

he is fond of all the above 12 things.
Now let us discuss his expenses.

1 Party means,

5 cigarettes

2 Drinks (60 ml + 60 ml) of Alcohol

1 Dish Nonveg (biting)

1 Dish Food/meal

This is the routine per person consumption of every party right?...

what it costs?

well... 1 cigarette costs u Rs.4.
So 5 Cigarettes means Rs. 20

1 peg of Whisky is Rs. 75
So 2 pegs of Whisky means Rs. 150 right? (May b more right?...)

1 dish Non-veg biting costs u average Rs.80

1 Dish of Meal will cost u Rs.100 right?

So total per person expense per party is Minimum Rs. 350
This may be as high as Rs. 1000 to 1500 per person per party.

So we r counting Average Rs.500 Expense per party right?

And in 1 month there will be average 2 parties right?
so Monthly Expense behind these parties is roughly Rs. 1000.

So yearly Expense behind these parties is average Rs.12,000 per year.

So in 30 years he will do minimum Rs.12,000 * 30 years = Rs. 3,60,000

but wait....
The Actual Expense will be much more higher than this...y?

bcoz once u become addicted to these kind of parties....
Year by year its frequencies will increase and the duration between these parties will be decreased.

Eventhough let us consider the basic figure of Rs.3,60,000 ok?...

Let us assume that if Aditya Invest this money into well diversified equity diversified funds at Rs.12,000 per annum rate for 30 years.
than what do u think after 30 years at the rate of 20% per annum it will be?

Well...it will be worth Rs. 1.7 Crores (1,70,00,000)

Now let us assume that Aditya has started these kind of parties when he is in early 20s. so after 40 years means on his retirement on age 60 what will be the worth of this Investment?....

Well... u won't believe but it will be worth Rs. 10.50 Crores (10,50,00,000) or may be much more than this....

Only Rs.3.60 Lacs wasted behind the un-necessary parties can cost u Rs.10.50 Crores on Retirement.

Actual Expense behind parties is much more higher than Rs.3.60 lacs.
So now think that how much will be the loss on retirement?....


Aditya is a Smoker and smokes average 5 cigarettes per day.

Now one cigarette will cost him Rs.4. so 5 cigarettes per day is Rs.20 per day expense right?...

So per year his expense behind cigarettes is 365 days * Rs.20 = Rs.7300 per year.
We don't count the expense of those cigarettes which he consumps on parties, weekends and on vacations.

Aditya has started smoking since he was 20.
so on 60 at his retirement means excatly after 40 years (if he survives) the total expense behind the cigarettes will be 40 years * Rs. 7300 = Rs. 2,92,000

Actual Expense will be much more higher than this bcoz every year prices of Cigarettes will be higher and higher.....

Suppose if he invest these Rs. 2,92,000 in equity diversified indian mutual fund that gives average 20% per annum return in long term than what will be it worth on his retirement?...

Well... it will be worth Rs. 6.43 Crores

Yes this is right.....

Aditya will have clear loss of Rs. 6.43 Crores on Retirement
Those Cigarettes will cost him Rs.6.43 Crores.

So if u understand the above 2 examples than please stay away from the above Wealth eroding things. Especially the first 6 ones.

The later 7 things r Wealth Eroding but r necessary.
so what u do is Buy cheap or second hand ones. so that someone else has already taken the loss.Ex- Car, Mobiles, Cameras, Laptops....etc....

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