Senin, 01 Februari 2010

Investing with No Money

Investing with No Money

Do you know that, Smart Investors invest with No Money. Now, you will ask that, How is it possible? Well, there are several ways to invest with no money at all. The only thing is that, it is the Investor’s mind which will decide that how to make it possible? How to make investing with no money possible?

Let me give you 2 Examples and you will understand that How is it possible?

01) Buy a Rental Property with No Money Down -

There are several Real Estate Strategies by which you can buy an apartment building with no money down at all. However, for this you will have to use your mind a lot and find out such a property deal from the market that which generates positive cashflow even after deducting all the mortgage payment and other interests every month.

For this, you will have to research and analyze literally hundreds of property deals and after that you will find one. But it is possible. It is possible to invest in 20 apartment building with no money and still receive a monthly passive cashflow.

02) If you Don’t have Money, Invest your Time to Create Asset -

It is not that you can just invest money only. If you don’t have money than you can invest your time only and still make fortunes. I give the 2 Examples to the people.

01) Artist
02) Blogger

The Artist and a Blogger have no money in their pocket when they start their career. They only have lots of free time to invest. They invest daily 6-10 hours behind creating their Art/Painting/Blog/Artistic Work.

And after few years, the art may sold into millions of dollars and a Blog may start producing 6 Figure Income every year. These are the best 2 examples of investing with no money. Artists and a Blogger invest their time and put their quality mind work behind creating their Assets (Painting & Blog). And after few years, their Assets become worth of Millions.

So This is how Intelligent people invest with no money.

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