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Investing with Little Money

Investing with Little Money

Many people ask me that, I have a little money to invest but still I want to invest. What should I do? Well, this is the commonest query among the readers that i receive several times a month. First of all, Is it really possible to invest with little money? And if yes that How?

Well, Of course, it is possible to invest with little money. It is also possible to invest with no money at all. Just remember that, The Money is not the only element that you can invest. You can invest your time also if you don’t have money and generate money out of your time.

I always give my Example to every one. Just 2 years back in March 2008, I launched this Blog. I did not invest a single dollar to start this blog because it was on a free platform of I had just started investing 6-8 hours of my time daily. And today after almost 2 years in 2010, this Blog is turned into a Cashflow Asset. Yes, This Blog today generate lots of Passive Income for me every month. And I have created this asset out of my time only.

Thus, it is possible to invest with little money in the Information Age. Now, I have shown you that how you can invest without money at all. Now, let us discuss that What to do if you have small amount of money to invest? Say for Example few hundred dollars only?

Well, in that case also you can invest. you should invest in those assets which you can buy at very low price. Here are the examples of those assets.

- Domain names
- Web Properties (Blogs & Websites)
- Collectible Items (Stamps, Coins, Knives, Coke Bottles, Insects…etc..)
- Art or Painting from a new artist

Yes, all of the above are very cheap assets but high growth potential. You can invest as little as $ 10 in the above assets and still watch your money grow. So if you have little money to invest, don’t get discourages. You can still invest that money and watch it grow.

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