Kamis, 18 Februari 2010

How Do Facebook Applications Make Money?

How Do Facebook Applications Make Money?

Facebook Applications are the great online assets. Many facebook apps generate literally millions of dollars every year for their owners. A Facebook application itself is a business. Here are the 3 possible ways by which FB apps make money.

01) Advertising -

You can display advertises on your FB application. However, Visitors on Social Networking websites are the add blinds. But still of you have lots of users (say for Example thousands) than it will generate good amount of money every month.

FB Apps are not compatible with Google AdSense. However, there are lots of third parties, which gives you the same service like AdSense and you can apply their code on your FB Application and make money.

02) By Selling Virtual Goods -

Virtual Goods are the main source of making money. Just see the FooPets – The Facebook application about virtual pets. You can buy virtual pets from this App. and not only this but you can buy a virtual food for real money for your pet.

You can also sell Virtual Valentine Roses and Chocolates. People love to consume virtual goods. People will never stop consuming virtual goods and you will never stop making money.

03) By selling the FB Application -

Here is the real money. This is about selling your asset for huge profits. It’s like selling your business for the huge profit. Many Investors are willing to pay $ 10-100 for every unique user of your application. Many FB Apps are worth of literally millions of Dollars.

Thus, the above are the great ways to make money from FB Apps. Hope You will like it…!!!

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