Rabu, 17 Februari 2010

Google AdSense Highest Income India

Google AdSense Highest Income in India

Google AdSense is the amazing software in the history of mankind. This is because along with Adwords, it makes literally US $ 20 Billion every year for Google. Isn’t it amazing? Yes, It’s the Billion and not the Million.

There are many adsense earners in India. However, there are 2 Google Adsense earners in India who earn 6 Figure Income in dollars every year from their respective blogs.

01) Amit Agarwal from Agra of Labnol.org, The Technology Blog

02) Amit Bhawani Patel from Hyderabad of AmitBhawani.com, The Blog Network (mainly Tech. Blog)

Both of these bloggers are earning literally $ 100,000 + every year only from the Google AdSense. Yes, This is true. These Indian people are making a living on the AdSense Income and probably these are the highest earning Google AdSense Individuals in India.

Well, This is about highest adsense earning. There are literally many other bloggers in India who every month earn several hundred to thousands dollars from Google AdSense from their blogs. Well, see. The History of Google is since 1998 only and that’s why still the AdSense Income is very much new in this world.

There are many bloggers around the world who make a living on their AdSense income. However, in countries like India, this is the entirely new income stream. And the Internet penetration in India is very low and that’s why people of India still don’t know anything about this entirely new type of Income stream.

Well, what I like about this Income stream is that, it’s the totally passive income stream means suppose if today I stop working behind this blog than also I will make the same amount of money from the Content that I have already created on it. The only thing is that, this income will stop growing.

And because of it’s passive nature, this income is very much popular worldwide.

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