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Get Rich Penny Stocks

Get Rich Penny Stocks

Every day I receive some kind of hot tip in my junk mail box about some Penny Stock of USA. A Penny Stock is something which is trading on the DowJones at few cents per share. These shares promise you to give 100% profits in just 2 weeks or even less in time.

Definition of Penny Stocks -

Penny stocks are defined as shares that trade at a price at or below $2.00. The Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) considers anything up to $5.00 as a “penny stock,”

These are known as Get Rich Penny Stocks. And you should stay away from these penny stocks.

Internet Marketers claim you the following thing.

“If done right, trading in penny stocks can be an affordable option for those who want to get into the stock market. The profits from trading in penny stocks can become an income supplement rather quickly. For just a few hundred dollars, you can make thousands in returns if you jump on the right stock at the right time. In addition, many investors like the idea of being able to own a large amount of a good company’s shares for a relatively low cost. Trading penny stocks is also a great way to learn about the stock market without investing a large amount of money.”

But well, this is not true. The Truth is that, you should stay away from the Penny stocks.

The only way to make money from the Penny Stocks is that – You Sell them and not buy them.

Yes, if you want to make fortune from the penny stocks than promote your own company and make it listed in the stock exchange. But well, I won’t recommend this to anyone because promoting a company only for the purpose of selling shares if illegal according to SEC. and I never promote illegal things.

What I want to tell you that, making fortunes from the Penny stocks is just like selling a dream. There is nothing like get rich quick from the Investments in the world. You will have to invest money wisely and with discipline. Than and only it is possible to make fortunes from the Stock Market.

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