Senin, 01 Februari 2010

Get Rich Mutual Fund

Get Rich Mutual Fund

People ask me that, tell us something about get rich mutual funds. In fact, i receive queries like, “Give me the name of Get Rich Mutual Funds” and something like that every month. I receive these queries via e-mail. Sometimes people call me on my mobile phone and ask me about this.

Well, my answer to all such kind of queries is that, There is nothing like get rich mutual fund in this world. And if there was something like get rich mutual funds in our world than today all of would be rich and out of financial troubles.

Well, see. It is not the Mutual fund which will make you rich. It is your Financial IQ & Disciplined investing over the period of long time which will make you and your family rich and financially free.

Remember my words,

“Investment is not risky but the Investor is Risky.”

It means that any Investment does not have the potential to make you rich or poor. But it is you (The Investor) who has the potential to make yourself rich of poor. If you regularly save & invest in any 4-star or 5-star rated equity diversified mutual fund via SIP for a period of more than 10 years than you will definitely make a huge corpus at the end of 10 years.

However, the most common problem with the People is – Lack of Discipline. Theoretically it’s really easy to follow advise like – Do Regular SIPs in MFs for long term but practically it’s very difficult to follow. And if somehow you manage to follow this simple advise, you will definitely make a fortune from the mutual fund investing.

So from now onwards, don’t search for get rich mutual funds but rather than that adopt a disciplined and financial sound life style. You will definitely get rich in the long run.

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