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2010 Business Ideas

Great 2010 Business Ideas

2010 is the year of Technology, Food, Internet and many other kind of Businesses. We are still in the middle of the recession but according to me, this is a great time to start your own business. This is because the Assets in the market are very cheap and the labour is also very cheap because of the job crisis.

You will find a quality labour at very low cost in 2010. Here are the great 2010 Business Ideas.

01) Spirits -

As consumers nationwide toast the moment, their glasses reveal the cravings of today--premium spirits. "Over the past 15 years, there has been a trend toward people drinking less but drinking better," says David Ozgo, chief economist at the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States. He points out that the superpremium segment has enjoyed double-digit growth over the past four or five years.

02) Wine -

Whether sealed with a cork or a screw cap, consumers can't get the tops off of wine bottles fast enough. Continuing its popularity, wine has gone mainstream and is being sipped, savored and outright guzzled at such a rate that by 2010, the U.S. could actually uproot France from its perennial seat as the world's largest wine consumer, according to the Wine Market Council.

03) Health Care Staffing -

You can't stop Father Time. Along with a growing aging population, we're seeing an increasing amount of ailments. With all those extra health issues, we need as many medical professionals as we can get. But 2006 projections from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed an expected shortfall of more than 1 million nurses by 2020. That's a clear call for staffing professionals to step into the health-care realm and help companies deal with the shortage. Lisa Dearborn, vice president of health-care services with staffing firm Response Companies, also sees a growing demand in pharmacy staffing and preventive health care and disease management.

04) Senior Citizen Services (Baby Boomer Businesses) -

The population is aging--by 2030, the number of adults age 65 and older will double to 70 million. No one is feeling the crunch more than baby boomers, who now find themselves in the "sandwich generation"--caring for both their children and their aging parents. An estimated 44 million Americans provide care for elderly family or friends.

05) Kids & Teens -

Regardless of where their money comes from, some of the country's biggest spenders are barely out of grammar school. Tweens (ages 8 to 14) have a combined annual purchasing power of more than $40 billion, according to market research firm Packaged Facts. And spending by and for their teenage siblings (up to age 17) is expected to reach nearly $209 billion by 2011.

06) Technology & Web Applications -

What dotcom bubble? Today's web application companies are lean, mean services and advertising revenue-generating machines. Entrepreneurs are starting businesses armed with little more than a big idea and a credit card. But when it comes to really making a mark on the web, it takes business smarts, a flexible development approach and some intelligent marketing. "What we see now is a huge increase and adoption of web apps that are equivalents of business or consumer apps that you used to install on your PC or Macintosh," says Jeff Clavier, managing partner of SoftTech VC. This category can include typical office applications and widgets that work with social networks, as well as accounting and CRM-style web offerings.

07) Sun Glasses -

Cool sunglasses are today's ultimate must-have accessory. This sizzling market grew 9.1 percent in unit sales from 2005 to 2006, for total retail sales of more than $2 billion, according to the Sunglass Association of America.

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