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The Best and Worst Super Bowl Ads

Video: Super Bowl 2013: The best and worst commercials.

The dozens of commercials that aired during the big game and evaluate them with fresh eyes. For the Best and Worst Super Bowl advertising. So, let us not forget on this national holiday dedicated to advertising that these Super Bowl ads, good and bad, are crafted by real human beings. People who have hopes and fears very much like our own but also have $3.8 million to spend on 30 seconds of airtime.

The 5 best Super Bowl commercials of 2013.

The Ravens won the game, but which advertiser won the laughs and viewers in between the action on the field? Watch the Super Bowl’s best commercials this year:

The 5 worst Super Bowl commercials of 2013.

The 49ers only lost by a few points, but these advertisers lost big, ticking off viewers with sexist or unfunny commercials. Watch the worst commercials of this year’s Super Bowl:

Superbowl commercials / ads / previews from 1960 to 2013 served up with our signature snarky reviews. Visit the largest Super Bowl Commercials site.

Funniest Super Bowl Commercials of 2013! (Top 10 Super Bowl Ads) Best 2013. Best and Worst.

The funniest super bowl commercials of 2013 in one video!

Video by CodByNight

Top 10 of Super Bowl Commericals.

10. Doritos® - Goat 4 Sale - Crash the Super Bowl 2013 Finalist.

9. M&M'S Love Ballad Commercial.

8. NEW E-TRADE Baby Game Day Commercial - Save It.

7. Skechers - GOrun 2 - Man vs Cheetah Big Game Commercial.

6. Doritos® - Fashionista Daddy - Crash the Super Bowl 2013 Finalist.

5. Space Babies 2014 Kia Sorento Big Game Ad.

4. Viva Young - 2013 Taco Bell Game Day Commercial.

3. 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe - Big Game Ad - Team.

2. OREO - Whisper Fight.

1. Hotbots 2014 Kia Forte Big Game Car Ad.

Click this link to watch last years funniest super bowl ads:

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