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Cute Deaf Puppy Dumped On Busy Highway

VIDEO: Hundreds calling with adoption questions on Deaf puppy dumped near Portage County highway.

AKRON, Ohio - An estimated 800 people have called One of a Kind Pets Rescue to inquire about a Deaf puppy that was left inside a cardboard box near a highway last month.

"Everybody wants to meet this puppy that has gotten so much exposure," said Georjette Thomas from One of a Kind.

The puppy, a 9-week-old Jack Russell terrier mix named Cara, was found in a shoebox on the side of Tallmadge Road in Brimfield Township on Jan 12.

She had a hairline fracture in a front leg and open wounds. Animal experts determined the puppy was Deaf after she didn't respond to commands.

Video by WEWSTV

"To think that this puppy was disposable by somebody or to somebody is unfathomable to us," Thomas said.

Since news spread that Cara is available for adoption, One of a Kind has been flooded with calls and visitors.

Many people have already filled out adoption papers and dozens more are expected. ... Read more: http://www.newsnet5.com/dpp/news/local_news/akron_canton_news/hundreds-calling-with-adoption-quesions-on-deaf-puppy-dumped-near-portage-county-highway


Deaf puppy left in shoebox on Brimfield highway up for adoption.

BRIMFIELD TOWNSHIP, Ohio - The Deaf Jack Russell terrier dumped in a box on the side of Tallmadge Road last month is ready to go to a real home.

Police Chief David Oliver is still looking for the person who abandoned the disabled dog on the side of a busy highway.

The pup, named "Cara," is now available for adoption at One of a Kind Pets in Akron.

"Cara is still a little peanut, but she appears to have doubled her size," says a story on petfinder.com. "She is Deaf and does very well mimicking the other dogs in her foster home. She follows the pack."

A motorist spotted the pooch and brought the dog to the police station. Oliver posted a picture on the department's Facebook page, where it has generated a lot of interest.

The puppy was turned over to One of a Kind Pets in Akron. ... Read more: http://www.cleveland.com/metro/index.ssf/2013/02/home_sought_for_deaf_puppy_lef.html

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