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Gallaudet Marks 25th Anniversary of 'Deaf President Now' Protests

WJLA - Gallaudet University marks 25th anniversary of 'Deaf President Now' protests.

WASHINGTON - Gallaudet University is marking the 25th anniversary of the “Deaf President Now” protests. The grassroots effort was launched by students in 1988, generating national and international headlines and resulting in the university’s first Deaf president.

When the Board of Trustees selected the only hearing candidate as Gallaudet University’s next president 25 years ago, students organized a week of protests, chanting “Deaf president now.”

“I can remember when we were looking for a Deaf president I actually made a comment that I hope we see a Deaf president in my lifetime. So I think that gives you an example of how far away it seemed to me,” says Fred Weiner.

Since 1988, three Deaf men have served as president of the university. This week, they gathered to reflect on the so-called DPN movement’s anniversary.

“Expectations were very high, very, very high,” says Dr. I. King Jordan, Gallaudet’s first Deaf president. “But there were also expectations that I couldn’t succeed.

People told me to my face that we doubt you can succeed as president.” Most students attending the reunion were not even alive in 1988... Read more: http://www.wjla.com/articles/2013/02/gallaudet-university-marks-25th-anniversary-of-deaf-president-now-protests-84899.html

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