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John Maucere Got Hand Insurance

VIDEO: TMZ - Exclusive Interviews with John Maucere of Super Bowl XLVII National Anthem.

Super Bowl 2013 Sign Language Guy - I Got Hand Insurance.

LOS ANGELES - John Maucere tells TMZ, his hands are just like Dolly Parton's boobs ... Jennifer Lopez's butt ... or Tom Jones' chest hair, so valuable they need their own freakin' insurance policy but there's a lot more to sign language than just hands.

John Maucere -- who signed "America the Beautiful" and the national anthem at the big game was out in L.A. yesterday with his interpreter when we asked how important it is to take care of your hands as a professional sign language-er.

John raised his hands, joking, "I have insurance." He added, "Hands are important, but you should know American Sign Language isn't specific just for hands.

Video by TMZ

There's a lot happening on my face, with my mouth, with my body, the emotions, everything. That makes the entire language."... Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2013/02/06/super-bowl-sign-language-john-maucere-hand-insurance/


Super Bowl 2013 National Anthem in American Sign Language.

Video by Xiomara Moreno

At the opening of the Super Bowl 2013, John Maucere interpreting the National Anthem in American Sign Language.

Maucere is a Deaf actor chosen to represent the National Association for the Deaf.

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