Kamis, 07 Februari 2013

Deaf Awareness: Deaf To The Image

VIDEO: 'Deaf to the image' Documentary film - 70min et 54min - 1995. Emmanuelle Laborit talks about her Deaf identity and her vocation to be an actress, alongside this, French and German Deaf artists evoke their resistance through creation.

Scenario: Jeanne Soral et Brigitte Lemaine. Available with english or german subtitles.

Video by QuadraFilmCoalition

Produced by: Bayerischer Rundfunk / Deutsche Welle TV / Centre Pompidou.

Distributed by: CNRS Images.

Festivals: Berlin, Vancouver, Lille.

Prizes & Awards: Festival de Bruxelles.

Broadcasting: Planète, RTBF, TSR, Duna TV, Canal Vie.

Camera: François Ede, Steven Gruen, Christian Dransfeld.

Sound: Julien Cloquet, André Rigaut, Andy Buclow.

Editing: Agnès Molinard.

Music: L.V. Beethoven.

Distribution : contact@quadrafilmcoalition.com

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