Rabu, 09 Januari 2013

Profound Audism At Gallaudet University

Video: Audism at Gallaudet University in American Sign Language.

Out of the entire world, within the walls of Gallaudet University Deaf Space. Profound Audism occurred. SimComm destroys both ASL and English. Audism also destroys respect for Deaf people and their Deaf World especially at Gallaudet University.

I experienced profound Audism in Gallaudet University out of all places in the world. A place where the environment is safe for all Deaf people. This intrusion of SimComm and voicing is very irritating. I was not even angry at all at first. I wanted to give positive exposure to the fact it's not a good manner and that it is very disrespectful to Deaf people in general when hearing people SimComm, talking with the voice, using cell phones, etc.

Video by spdundas37

I was hoping for dialogue and discussion to bring better understanding, respect and knowledge, but instead, this hearing student who claim to be a Coda got up and yelled at me with such profound venom, disrespect and hate. Such display of profound oppression has left me shocked and loss of words and thoughts. It even affected my friends at the table.

What hurts me more is that there are other Deaf people there who agreed with me, but sat and did nothing to stand up against Audism. I was even more shocked with the level of apathy. Are we so oppressed and thinking it's so difficult to fight it and we give up and just succumb to it?

I need your help to put an end to Audism from hearing students and put an end to apathy of Deaf people or their lack of courage to stand up for ASL and Deaf World.

My vlog is not an attempt to degrade or belittle other people most especially the hearing group/Coda I was referring about. My point was to bring this up to discussion and to raise awareness of Audism and acknowledgement of Deaf Space at Gallaudet University.

Please remain respectful and civil to each other in hopes we all meet together in harmony and mutual respect. Finally, I truly want to thank those who have shown support and encouragement. Thank you. Shane.

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