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Deaf Hunter Crawls From Forest After Accident

WITNtv - Deaf hunter crawls out of woods, survives serious leg injury after deer stand falls.

Greenville, N.C. - Reporter interview with Joe, who is Deaf, tells his story of falling out of a tree and breaking his leg during a solo hunting trip. It took him 12 hours to crawl from the forest and another several to find aid.

Joe Liuzza got home alive, just barely. Through grit and determination, he was able to win his battle against nature and pull himself and his mangled leg out of a swamp following a hunting-related accident near Robersonville that turned into a 14-hour ordeal.

Video by claytonbauman13

Liuzza, 47, was home temporarily from the hospital on Dec. 13 and feeling a little more relaxed as he recounted the details of his harrowing experience.

It was easy to see in his features and by the steel cage wrapped around his right lower leg, rods poking through the skin to hold the disconnected portions of his bones in place that he had been through a struggle that he and his wife, Delia, owner of The Tipsy Teapot in Greenville, would never forget.

She served as her husband's sign-language interpreter because Joe is Deaf... Read more:

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