Senin, 28 Januari 2013

Music Video: Mashed Potatoes - Nerven & Zellen

Mashed Potatoes interpretation in Chilean Sign Language by Nerven & Zellen with subtitles.

This video clip of our project NZcanal is a connector between the Deaf, the hearing community, music and art. Created with the aim of becoming a platform of visual entertainment for the entire family, through the dissemination of musical culture and video clip, in order to bring this language to the Deaf community.

Song Mashed Potatoes, played by Cecilia Incomparable. The original song by David Appell and Kal Mann.

Lengua de Señas Chilena, Puré de Papas / Nerven&Zellen.

Tercer video clip, de nuestro proyecto NZcanal. Canción Puré de Papas, interpretada por Cecilia la Incomparable. canción original de DAVID APPELL y KAL MANN.

Video by Maria Siebald

The project consists of the translation (if necessary) of the artists lyrics national, international, current and legends, then adapt under the syntax of sign language, to finally perform the song in that language with the development of a new video clip, under the concepts of our collective aesthetic Nerven & Zellen:

As Deaf people may have a closeness with lyrics and musical styles of each artist can also add new words to their vocabulary through the subtitle system. Moreover, hearing people may associate words and signs to become familiar with this language.

In a near future we hope to have a wide range of musical styles that can give life to this channel

Nzcanal is a nonprofit project. Visit for more details.

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