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‘Deaf’ Viral Video Star Sarah Churman Talks Her New Book and The Joy of Hearing Rain

NMR - ‘Deaf’ Viral video star Sarah Churman talks her new book and the joy of hearing rain. (Exclusive Interview)

Sarah Churman first became known to the social media world in 2011 when the video of her hearing for the first time took the internet channels by storm. You may remember the video and the tears that it caused you at your work desk which captured the activation of Sarah’s hearing implants and her shock at hearing her own voice.

Two years later, after numerous television appearances and book signings, life on her Texas ranch with her husband Sloan and their two daughters has settled back into somewhat of a routine. Sarah published her first book, “Powered On The Sounds I choose to hear & the NOISE I don’t,” in the hopes of inspiring others with her positive outlook on life.

Video by sloanchurman

Talking with NMR, Sarah shared stories about her excitement over her book and her commitment to using her social media fame to create more awareness about the needs of the Deaf community... Read more:

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