Senin, 28 Januari 2013

Life Changing Surgery To Help Deaf Boy In Limbo

WSBTV - Life-changing surgery to help Deaf boy in limbo.

Monroe, Ga. - Life-changing surgery to help a Walton County boy who is considered legally Deaf is in limbo. The family’s insurance company denied coverage for cochlear implants, leaving the family few options.

“If he wants to be able to read, write and learn, and have friends; be a kid, he needs to have the surgery,” Brian Rubin told Channel 2’s Rachel Stockman.

Carson Rubin, 5, suffers from auditory neuropathy. He has tried several hearing aids, but so far, nothing has worked. Doctors say the best opportunity for him to live a “hearing” life, would be if he got the implants.

“We pay for insurance. We have coverage and you expect the thing you need will be covered,” Shay Rubin said.

The Rubin’s insurance, Coventry Health Insurance of Georgia, said that the surgery was excluded under their small group plan. The surgery costs about $250,000 for both ears.... Read more:

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