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Friends Reflect on Death of a Gallaudet Teacher

Video: The Washington Post - Friends Reflect on Death of a Gallaudet Teacher.

Friends of Laura Snyder-Gardner and her daugther Mary Ann, two victims of a fire in Falls Church, are greatly missing two beloved members of the Gallaudet and Deaf community.

Bonita Leek and her son Rocco Leo Gaglioti, sat on the board of Miss & Mister Deaf with Snyder-Gardner, an organization aimed toward promoting Deaf people worldwide...


Gallaudet Community Mourns Mother and Daughter Killed in Falls Church House Fire.

Washington Post - Hot pink and yellow not black were the colors of choice for Laura Snyder-Gardner and Mary Ann Gardner’s memorial service Sunday.

The colors were bright and positive and radiated energy, exactly how those who loved them remembered the mother and daughter, who died last week in a Falls Church house fire.

Friends, family members and faculty turned into a sea of pink and yellow Mary Ann’s favorite colors as they gathered at Gallaudet University in Northeast Washington.

They fondly recalled Snyder-Gardner’s generous and nurturing spirit, with many students calling the Gallaudet math professor a “second mom.” And they mourned the loss of Mary Ann’s “radiant smile,” which friends and classmates said was infectious even from afar... Read more:

Witnesses Say Falls Church Fire Moved Through House Quickly.

Two people are confirmed dead after a raging inferno destroyed a Falls Church home Wednesday.

Video by wedeaf

Capt. William Moreland, a spokesman with Fairfax County Fire and Rescue, said firefighters were called to the home in the 3100 block of Manor Rd. The entire single-level ranch-style home was completely engulfed when crews arrived.

Moreland said they will release the identities of the victims once family has been notified.

Steve Klass, who lives next door to the destroyed home, said he was awakened by a loud roaring sound at about 3:30 a.m. He said a woman who lived at the home, who was Deaf, could be heard screaming... Watch video and read more:

Laura Snyder-Gardner and Mary Ann Gardner Scholarship Fund.

Thank you for considering a gift in memory of Laura Snyder-Gardner & Mary Ann Gardner. Laura and Mary Ann were cherished members of the Gallaudet community and their legacy shall continue through the generosity of their family and friends. The family has established the Laura Snyder-Gardner & Mary Ann Gardner Scholarship Fund to provide financial assistance for undergraduate students attending Gallaudet who graduated from the Model Secondary School for the Deaf... Read more:

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