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Lydia Callis: Bloomberg's Interpreter Goes Viral

NEW YORK CITY - A Rochester Institute of Technology graduate skyrocketed into fame while providing American Sign Language interpretation during New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s nationally watched news conferences.

Meet Lydia Callis, the mayor's sign language interpretor who became the city's newest hearthrob. Stealing the show with her passionate facial expressions and signs.

Clearly there is nothing funny about mass casualties and a region under water. But Lydia Callis has at least given people something to smile about in the wake of Superstorm Sandy.

The sign language interpreter for Mayor Michael Bloomberg has gone viral. Mayor Bloomberg addresses the public while his signer feels the beat of the hurricane mane! as seen on YouTube.

Video by mayorbloomberg

The stories of devastation and destruction on the local news lately have not provided much in the way of relief unless, that is, you happened to catch sight of a sign language interpreter named Lydia Callis.

And she was pretty hard to miss. Ms. Callis has been a fixture at Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s news briefings, gesticulating, bobbing and nodding her way through the words of city officials as she communicates for the hearing impaired... Read more:

Video by TheDailyBeastVideo

She has inspired a tribute Tumblr page: Lydia Callis’s Facial Expressions, which has compiled images of her expressions as she signs. In one photo, Mr. Bloomberg looks on from behind, seemingly fixated on her hands.

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