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Deaf Quadriplegic David Rose Is A Hoax

(CBS News) - Popular Deaf, Paraplegic blogger “Dave on Wheels” David Rose exposed as an elaborate hoax.

Social media worldwide has been subjected to an elaborate hoax, conned into thinking that Dave, a Deaf quadriplegic with cerebral palsy, actually existed.

The story of Dave Rose was followed by millions until he died, and that's when the real story emerged.

(New York Daily News) - David Rose’s farewell letter to his friends and family touched hearts around the country. But David, a Deaf 24-year-old with severe cerebral palsy that left him confined to a wheelchair, never existed. A fraudster invented him in an act of ‘role-playing.’

David Rose, a Deaf quadriplegic whose dying words to his family and friends became an online sensation, never existed. An anonymous man admitted the whole thing was an elaborate hoax that went on for years.

Online, Rose was a cheerful 24-year-old from California whose inability to hear or walk didn’t interfere with his quirky sense of humor. He maintained a blog, a Twitter account and a Facebook page that had been active since 2007.

Last week, a post on his blog said he died after a short battle with pneumonia, and he’d written a letter to be posted by his "sister" Nichole if he passed.

The story was picked up by national news outlets, and even Kim Kardashian tweeted a quote from Rose’s letter: "Always do what is right. Always! But forgive yourself if you forget sometimes... Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/dave-wheels-wrote-online-goodbye-died-exposed-a-hoax-article-1.1184489

The man pictured on “Dave on Wheels” accounts is actually another man named Hunter Dunn, who is still alive and in good health as of this posting. A full investigative report on the “Dave on Wheels” hoax, including the full confession from the perpetrator, can be found here.

Are you bummed that “Dave on Wheels” was a hoax?

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