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Gallaudet University Put Dr. Angela McCaskill for Opposing Gay

ANNAPOLIS MD. - Gallaudet University Put Dr. Angela McCaskill for Opposing Gay - Question 6 Doesn't.

Dr. Angela McCaskill has worked on the campus of an American college for the Deaf and hard of hearing for over 20 years. If the marketplace of ideas and freedom of expression is not prized in that environment, how can we ever expect it to survive elsewhere if same-sex marriage activists prevail?

Gallaudet University is catching a fair bit of criticism after the federally-chartered college placed Dr. Angela McCaskill, its chief diversity officer, on paid leave. The decision was made after it came to officials’ attention that the administrator reportedly supported a controversial referendum that challenges Maryland’s same-sex marriage law.

Now, in an unlikely fit of agreement, both conservatives who agree with McCaskill’s stance and gay rights groups who oppose her views are coming to the academic’s defense... Read more:

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