Sabtu, 20 Oktober 2012

ABC7 Exclusively Interview With Dr. Angela McCaskill

WASHINGTON - (ABC7DC) - Dr. Angela McCaskill speaks out about Gallaudet dust-up. In her first interview since controversy erupted at Gallaudet University, the school’s chief diversity officer who was placed on leave for signing a petition to put Maryland’s same-sex marriage law on the November ballot says she's not anti-gay and feels bullied.

Angela McCaskill sat down exclusively with ABC7’s Mike Conneen at her home in Upper Marlboro to respond to criticism for inking the petition.

“Signing that petition is a right that I have as a citizen of the state of Maryland. It simply means that I want to see this very sensitive issue put on the ballot as a referendum in the state of Maryland,” McCaskill said.

Her attorney, J. Wyndal Gordan, says McCaskill will not express her personal view on the matter. He says she will do that in the voting booth. Gordon says McCaskill “is considering all options, and not ruling out taking legal action,” hoping to get reinstated at Gallaudet... Read more

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Video by F.R. Newbrough

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