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Ways to Become a Millionaire

Ways to Become a Millionaire

Becoming a Millionaire is anyone’s dream in life. 1 Million Dollars is the landmark of financial success. If you reach this landmark than you can fulfill all of your dreams in your life. People ask me about the ways to become a millionaire. Well, you can become a millionaire in any field. There are lots of ways to become a millionaire.

Read here 41 Ways to Become a Millionaire by

You can see in the above list that, you can become a millionaire from any field. You can become a millionaire by doing a high paying job at management level of some large corporation, by becoming a successful professional in any field, by doing a Business or by doing Investing.

There are lots of ways to become a Millionaire and I divide these ways into 4 broad groups.

01) Become an Employee (Here you work for someone else)

02) Become a Self-Employee (Here you work for yourself and provide some kind of professional service in the economy)

03) Become a Business Owner (Here you own a Business and you hire employees & self-employees for your business to run it properly and you collect money from the investors to do a business. Here a System (Business) works for you rather than you work hard for the money)

04) Become an Investor (Here your money work for you in the economy and generate more money rather than you work hard for the money like employees & self-employees)

Thus, you can become a millionaire by any one or more of the above ways. But your life will be different in all of the above ways. I Personally prefer to become a millionaire by becoming a business owner & the Investors and that’s why I have started my own Blog Business.

The only problem with becoming a millionaire by being an employee or a self-employee that, the more you will become rich, the less time you will have for your family and for your own life to enjoy. If you are doing a job at some high management level of some corporation than more you get rich, the more responsibilities you will have and the less time you will have to enjoy your life.

If you are a famous and rich doctor, you will have more money but less time for your family.

But the thing for Business Owners & Investors is different. For a Business Owner or an Investor, the more they get rich, the more time they will have to enjoy their life. Because the more their business and investments grow, the more they become independent and afford to higher high class level of business or investment managers to run and manage their businesses and investments.

Take the Example of this Blog. This Blog is my Internet Business. The main advantage of owning this business is that, the more it will grow, the more money it will make for me and more rich i will get over the time and the more rich I will become, the more time i will have to enjoy my life.

If this Blog Business grows sufficiently, I can hire a team of writers to run it even without my presence and by doing this I can add 60-80 more free hours in my life every week to travel the world and enjoy my life.

So which way to chose to become a millionaire is very important decision in your life.

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