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The Affiliate Code Free

The Affiliate Code Free

The Affiliate Code by Michael Jones is the best video tutorial program about the affiliate marketing on the Internet. Go to this site and watch in its vide tutorial that how Michael is making literally US $ 65K every month by selling other people’s products online?

The Affiliate Code is divided into 8 basic modules and several video tutorials. Many people search the Internet for the Free download of the affiliate code online and end up downloading corrupt files from Torrents and Rapidshare. Well, see. You can’t get quality products for free.

If you seriously want to build your own Online Business that makes literally half a million dollars every year, than you will have to buy the quality educational material to do that. And Quality products does not come free. See here what the affiliate code contains inside?

Below are the breakdowns of each module and the videos:

Module 1: Choosing Your Niche
Video #1 - Introduction
Video #2 - Choosing Your Niche
Video #3 - Niches Importance
Video #4 - Make Money from Home Niche
Video #5 - The Real Money
Video #6 - What Makes a Great Niche?
Video #7 - Tools you’ll need
Video #8 - Small Market Test
Video #9 - Live Setup of a Campaign

Module 2: Picking Your Product
Video #1 - Picking your Product
Video #2 - Its ot a Guessing Game
Video #3 - Rules for Success
Video #4 - CJ  Live Presentation

Module 3: Tech Talk Site Setup – Most affiliate marketing courses leave out the technical details, however, in The Affiliate Code you're going to learn every single thing you need to do to get yourself setup as a successful affiliate marketer, including setting up your own website and uploading it to a server.
Video #1 - Overview
Video #2 - Why do You Need a Website
Video #3 - Tools
Video #4 - How to Setup a Website

Module 4: Using an Autoresponder
Video #1 - The Power of a List and Auto-responder
Video #2 - Why You Need an Autoresponder
Video #3 - How To Set Up An Autoresponder

Module 5: Copywriting 101 - If you want a high-converting site, make sure you watch all the videos in this module.
Video #1 - Overview
Video #2 - Create Urgency
Video #3 - The How to Approach
Video #4 - Sizzling Copy
Video #5 - The Job of the Headline
Video #6 - Top Headlines of All Time
Video #7 - The Power of Scarcity
Video #8 - Cut to The Chase
Video #9 - The Call for Action

Module 6: Driving Free Traffic – This is my favorite module! You'll learn everything you need to know to generate web traffic without spending a dime.
Video #1 - Free Traffic
Video #2 - Free Traffic Complementary Product
Video #3 - Launch Your Assault
Video #4 - Killer Technique for Getting on the First Page of Google.

Module 7: Tracking – Successful internet marketers will need to know how to do tracking so that they know what works and what doesn’t work. Where are the traffic coming from? And what traffic converts to sales?
Video #1 - Introduction
Video #2 - Overview the System
Video #3 - Putting it all together
Video #4 – Implementation

Module 8: Scaling it Up – What to do to take your business to the next level.
Video #1 - Overview
Video #2 - Building your empire.

Now, you want all of the above video tutorials which are the wealth of Information for FREE?….

Are you Kidding yourself? Never afraid of Investing money for your Business if you want to develop a successful business empire. Invest your money to Buy The Affiliate Code by Michael Jones.

Believe me, your this one time investment will give you life long profits fully on the autopilot…!!!

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