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TATA Indicom Photon Plus Review

TATA Indicom Photon Plus Review

Finally I have bought the new TATA Indicom Photon Plus USB Modem Device. This is because i am getting tired of Idea Net Setter device. Because it was too slow.

I am studying in Kolhapur & here Reliance Broadband Plus is not available. However, I personally decided to buy a TATA Photon Plus. This is the first week of my device.

The speed is excellent. Download speed comes anywhere between 30-60 kbps right now. And the surfing speed is excellent. I can surf the web with speed of light with this device.

I can open the web pages and websites just like I am opening my computer folders. Previously on the internet, i read the review that, the Photon Plus is frequently getting disconnected. However, I have never experienced such kind of problem.

TATA Photon Plus Post-Paid Tariffs -

My Plan is Rs.950 per month which gives 5GB of Downloads every month. I will see my monthly usage this month. If it will more than 5 GB, I will shift to the 10GB / month plan which will cost me Rs.1250 per month. The lowest plan starts from Rs.150 per month which gives just 150 MB / month download and after that they charge Rs.2/MB which is extremely costly. In the higher plans they charge Rs 0.50 / MB after the usage of 5 GB & 10 GB.

So according to me, if your over all monthly internet usage is low than don’t at all go for TATA Indicom Photon plus. This will be very costly to you.

One of my friend gone for Rs.150 / month plan he ended of with Rs.2250 bill at the end of the month. This kind of problems commonly happen with people who have taken lower plans.

The only 2 Best Plans are 5GB (Rs. 950 per month) & 10GB (Rs.1250 per month). According to me, if you don’t have this much of usage than simply go for post paid plans but rather than go for pre-paid plans.

TATA Photon Plus Customer Complains about Higher Bills -

Many people complain about the unfair billing. The main reason for this is, they have chosen the Rs. 150 per month plan which has only 150 MB / month usage which is very low. And this is the reason many people get very high bills than their expectations at the end of month.

So if you usage is low, simply go for pre-paid plan. So that your usage will be in control and you will not suffer from such kind of problems.

TATA Photon Plus Pre-Paid Plans -

Rather than going for lower usage post paid plans, it is advisable to go for pre-paid plans. The main advantage of TATA Photon Plus pre-paid plans is that, you don’t have any worry to reach your maximum usage limits.

TATA Indicom Photon Plus Pre-paid Tariffs -

Photon plus device cost- Rs 3500/-
There are four plans1GB, 2GB, 5GB and 10GB.
Photon plus prepaid subscription period- All the above plans have 12 months subscription time.
Free monthly usage- 1GB, 2GB, 5GB and 10GB respectively.

Additional broadband usage charges- Re 0.5/MB

Once you are into any of the above four Photon plus mobile broadband prepaid plans, you can go for any of the following recharge options as explained below.

1 GB pack can be recharged for Rs.150/-
2 GB pack can be recharged for Rs.250/-
5 GB pack can be recharged for Rs.500/-
Night surf (11pm-7am) 10 GB pack can be recharged for Rs.200

TATA Indicom Photon Plus Customer Care Review -

The Customer care support of TATA Indicom is excellent. I have personally feel the great care and support from TATA Customer Care. I think the Customer support of TATA is much better than Reliance Broadband Plus.

The Customer Care Executive has guided me in all the aspects and help me to understand the device very well. Not only this but I am student and students can’t commonly get the post paid devices. But the customer care executive has ask the major branch and give me a solution that if I put Rs.1000 of security deposit than I can go for post paid plans.

So if you are a student and want to subscribe higher usage post paid plans than get ready for putting Rs.1000 security deposit. The security deposit is totally refundable.

Over All Rating -

I will give TATA Indicom Photon Plus 4 and a half stars out of 5 stars. I have cut the half star this is because they have asked me for a security deposit because I am a student. And they have not informed me about this during my first visit to their customer care centre. They should have informed me on my first visit. However, I don’t blame them for this.

So my over all experience with TATA Indicom Photon Plus is excellent.

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