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Shahrukh Khan Net Worth

Shahrukh Khan Net Worth

Bollywood Super Star Shahrukh Khan’s Net worth is US $ 310 Million and that is Rs.1500 Crore.

Many people around this world think that SRK is a Billionaire but well, SRK is not a Billionaire. Of course he is a multi-millionaire.

Let us see that how people have counted his net worth.

From Ads: SRK has 39 ads in his kitty, Airtel, Nokia, Pepsi, ICICI among others. He charges an amount of 7 crores ($1.43 million) for a 3 day ad shoot. That becomes, 39 x 7 = Rs.273 Crore
($56 million)
Real Estate: While SRK's house in Mumbai is said to be worth Rs. 135 crore ($27.5 million) , he has a villa in the U.K. He is also said to be having a real-estate pie in the 8th wonder of the world, Palm islands of Dubai, where his neighbours will be Tom Cruise and the Clintons among other A-listers. He is also said to be designing a Rs. 10, 500 crore ($2.2 billion) project in Dubai.Let's add Rs. 500 crore ($101 million) for real estate (atleast.)
Red Chilli Entertainment: This is also a huge source to the Khan's treasure. Om Shanti Om alone made some 160 crore ($32.5 million) for the Production house.
Cricket Team: Kolkota Knight Riders, the SRK owned team was the only profitable team, making 88 crores ($18 million) in the first year itself. Valuations are projescted to increase sharply in 2-3 years.
Shows and events: 40 crore ($8.1 million) for shows per year plus 2-3 crores to show up in events.
Films: Karan Johar, Chopras and all the big banners fall under one roof, Shahrukh Khan. 10-12 ($2-2.5 million) crore per film and a pie from the revenues (rumored.)
T.V. Shows: 110 crore ($22.5 million) for Kaun banega Crorepati and Paanchvi Paas.

However, these are just the rough estimates. We can not judge anyone’s financial net worth without watching their financial statements.

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