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Loan Modification Scam in Florida


Loan Modification Scam in Florida

Florida ranks 4th in the list of highest number of foreclosures in the United States after Nevada, Arizona & California. Just see the above Diagram. The Counties like Miami Dade, Broward, Lee and Palm have reported the highest number of foreclosures in the Florida.

Loan Modification is the last option to prevent your home going for the foreclosure and that’s why the loan modification scams are more prevalent in Florida. Beware of Loan Modification scams in Florida. These Loan Mod Companies, Attorneys and agents will charge you literally thousands of dollars for doing that paperwork which you can do by yourself.

Download 60-Minute Loan Modification workbook by Mike Rockwood and learn from his step by step guide that how you can do the loan modification by yourself. California based Mike Rockwood has modified his 5 mortgage loans with different banks by himself.

The 60-Minute Loan Mod Workbook is The Ultimate guide which will guide you through the entire process of the loan modification.

Once you have this book, You can prepare all the documents in less than 60 Minutes. The only thing is that you MUST require the proper information about the process. Don’t spend thousands of dollars behind scams. You are already in trouble and that’s why you need to go for the loan modification. Than why not do it by yourself?

Most of the people think that loan mod companies, attorneys and agents will do some kind of miracle for them and save them from the foreclosure. However, it is not true. The chances of approval and rejection are same if you go by yourself or go by someone else. There won’t be a dime of difference between them

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