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Loan Modification Programs Chase

Loan Modification Programs Chase

Chase Bank, for sometime now, has pursued an aggressive Loan Modification campaign, and has promoted their programs so a lot of people could avail of them. To the naked eye, getting a Loan modification done from Chase may seem easy like a 1-2 tango.

Key Features -

01) Call the Loss Mitigation Department: A lot of people end up calling the Collections )Department. Bad place to call, because even before you know, they would be asking you for your money.

02) Watch the debt ratio: If you have a debt ratio between 38% and 45%, you will in all chances qualify for the program. Call the Loss Mitigation Department, and ask them to send you a loan modification package.

03) Write the loan modification hardship letter: It is important you convey to Chase, your reasons for not paying the mortgage payments on time. Write a convincing hardship letter, and support it with proofs when possible.

04)  Any type of modification can be considered a success, only if you honor your revised financial commitments. Set aside your budget carefully, and be sure you pay back the mortgage payments as per the new agreement.

However, Recently I have visited the site 60-Minute Loan Modification website by Mike Rockwood. Mike has saved his 5 California based properties by going for a loan modification program. You can download his loan modification workbook in the PDF form and learn every detail and information about this process. The best thing is that you can apply his strategies against any bank in America.

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