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Loan Modification Program for Investment Property

Loan Modification Program for Investment Property

Are you the American Real Estate Investor? Than I have a good news for you. And that good news is that, you can now do the loan modification for your home mortgage loan. Yes, you can negotiate with your lender about your mortgage loan terms and get ease of your monthly payments, interest rates or even the principal reduction.

Initially President Obama’s Loan Modification program was mainly for the Home Owners. However, the smart real estate investors some how managed to get approved for their Investment properties as well. Isn’t it amazing? Getting approved for the Investment property for loan modification?

Well, yes, This is true. California Based Mike Rockwood has recently get approved for his 5 California based Investment properties and by doing this he shaved almost half a million dollars from his total loan tenure. Don’t believe me? Here is a Proof.

imageStill Don’t believe me? Than go to 60-Minute Loan Modification and download his workbook. You won’t believe that but it’s really true. It’s possible to modify your Investment properties. However, not the all the loan mod firms and attorneys can do this for you. You will have to do it yourself if you really want to do.

60-Minute Loan Modification is a step by step guide of the loan modification process. It has every Information given in detail about how you can get approved for the loan modification even if with 2nd mortgage or the Investment Property? So Don’t wait anymore and download this work book and modify your mortgage loans.

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