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Loan Modification for Dummies

Loan Modification for Dummies

It’s the another Dummies series book by Ralph Roberts. Many of you may not have even heard about the loan modification. Well, it’s negotiating your loan terms with your lender. In fact, rather than going for a foreclosure or a bankruptcy, you should try this option.

Loan Modification can be of any one or more of the following types -

01) Reduction in the Interest rate

02) Reduction in Monthly payment

03) Reduction in the Loan Principal

04) Extending of the loan time period

05) Deduction of the default charges and late payment fees.

However, many people hire the agent for doing this. But let me tell you honestly that you can do it yourself. You don’t need to pay anything to the agents who are the cons most of the time. You just need to learn every technical detail about the loan modification and that’s it. You can do a loan modification by yourself.

Rather than going for a foreclosure, it is advisable to go for a loan modification. If you need a complete video demonstration, work book, readymade formats of Loan modification documents than simply buy Mike Rockwood’s 60-Minute Loan Modification Guide.

You can download whole the course in minutes and learn within few hours to few days everything about loan modification process. Once you master this art, you can save your all of the mortgage properties by negotiating with the bankers.

I can understand that how it feels when you are in a deep debt up to your eyeballs and find someone to help you out. This 60-Minute Loan Modification PDF format workbook is the single stop solution for you. It will help you taken through all the detailed procedure of the loan modification and ease the terms of your mortgage loan and reduce the payments.

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