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Investing with 500 Dollars

Investing with 500 Dollars

Many of my friends from North America ask me that, I have 500 Dollars to invest. Can I Invest such a small amount of money? Is it possible to invest such a small amount or should I save more to start investing?

Well, this is the question of most of the Americans. In fact, most of the people around the world think that They need huge amount of money to start investing and if they don’t have large enough capital, they can’s start investing. Now, let me tell you today that only Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds & Real Estates are not the Assets in which everyone should invest.

If you have small amount of money than also you can invest. The only thing is that, you will have to select a different asset class. But the percentage wise the returns from these assets is same as that of Stocks, Bonds & Mutual Funds.

Here are some Assets in which you can invest with just $ 500.

- Domain names
- Web Properties (Blogs, Forums, Websites)
- Collectibles (Stamps, Coins, Vintage Coke, Vintage Knives, Toys, Insects…etc..)
- Art (Paintings & Art of the new Artists)

Just start investing from anyone or more of the above assets. You can buy a Domain name from for just $ 10 per Domain Name. You can buy a web property for just few hundred dollars from the sites like &

If you find some new artist, just give him $ 200 and ask him to make a good portrait or a painting for you. He will enthusiastically make a painting for you. The moral of this article is that, it is possible to invest just 500 dollars or even small amount of money. It doesn’t require huge amount of money to start investing.

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