Sabtu, 06 Februari 2010

Invest £ 5000

How to Invest £ 5000?

Many of my friends and relatives are settled in UK. And they ask me that, how they can invest £ 5000? Well, 5000 pounds is the good amount to start investing. There are several investment opportunities in the UK where you can invest this much of amount.

If you don’t know anything about investing than I advise you to invest this amount in some good equity diversified mutual funds. This is because rather than investing in the stock market directly it is advisable to invest in the stock market via mutual funds if you don’t know anything about stock investing.

However, most of the people have a false belief that they can invest their money only in the stocks, bonds, gold, real estate and mutual funds. Well, this is a Myth. There are several other asset classes in the world where you can invest your money.

Say for Example Domain names & Web Sites. Yes, both of these are the valuable web properties and if you have money on hand, you try this new asset class rather than trying the traditional asset clasees. This is because the web properties appreciate much faster than the traditional offline assets and give you excellent returns in the long run.

If you don’t know anything about website flipping and domain flipping than I can suggest you two great websites from which you can learn how to invest in these two web properties for excellent profits.

One is Phil Craig’s Quick Cash Domaining where you will learn everything about investing money in the domain names and the other is the Website Flipping King where you will learn everything about flipping websites for profits.

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