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How to Increase AdSense Earnings?

How to Increase AdSense Earnings (Revenue)?

Hi Asav,

I really like your blog myjourneytobillionaireclub.com
Motivated by your articles I started my blog called "www.crazybulb.com" I have been able to generate traffic also(200 per day average) but I am finding it difficult to generate revenue through google adsense. I am getting single click in 2 or 3 days. If you can please guide me about how can I increase revenue and pull more traffic to my blog.

Thanx in advance..

With Regards,

Saurabh Didwania
MBA(Marketing), BE(IT)

Hello, First of all I am really happy to know that you have started your own Internet Business – A Blog – Crazybulb. I have visited your blog. It’s really amazing. The Template is also really cool.

Well, your basic question is – How to increase your adsense revenue?

Well, to increase the adsense revenue, you need a huge web traffic. Literally thousands of visitors and page views every month. I suggest you to read my article – MJ2BC: Google AdSense Earnings & Revenues

You will get the idea about how much web traffic you need to generate significant income from your adsense account. I have also mentioned my own Google AdSense earnings for this blog since January 2009.

Now, lets go to your another question. You have asked that How to generate tons of web traffic on a blog? Well, it’s easy. Provide people what they want and not just what you want to tell them. Now, How to know that what the people around the world really needs in your Niche?

Again it’s simple. You can know it by doing a KeyWord Analysis. The Best tool is Google Keyword Tool External. I Personally use this tool vigorously to know what the people around the world want to know about money, finance, business and investing.

Another strategy is – Google Analytics Strategy.

Now, this is my favourite strategy. From this strategy you can know that what actually your readers want. Here is How.

imageSee the above screenshot. Go to Google Analytics and click on “Traffic Sources” and than Click on “Keywords”. You will be directed to the list of keywords that actually people have searched in the Google search box and landed on to your blog article.

 image See the above screenshot. The above screenshot gives the keywords from 501 to 514. I have intentionally not taken the screenshot of 1-100 keywords for my blog. Because it’s a trade secret. Any of my competitor can misuse it against me.

From the above keywords, you will get an idea that what the visitor actually typed in the Google search box. Now suppose if you don’t have that information on your blog than make an information rich article about that keyword. So that many more visitors searching the web for that particular keyword will land up on to your blog. Over the time, this strategy will bring lots of web traffic.

Now, see the No.504 of keyword. It’s “Adsense Top Earners”. Now, My Blog does not have much Information about this keyword. So What I can do is I can write down a separate post on this keyword and post it on my blog.

Google Analytics is the most powerful strategy. Do it every month and believe me over a period of time, it will bring a windfall of web traffic and thus money.

This is the Billion Dollar Strategy. Many Internet marketers will charge you literally hundreds of dollars to teach you this strategy from their information products. But This is Free for you.

Now, another advise is that, Keep an eye on your competition. Yours is a Technology Blog so keep an eye on the following Tech blogs and observe their content. You will get much more idea about what to do the next to bring the web traffic. Here is your competition.

01) Labnol.org Amit Agarwal from Agra, India – A 6 Figure Blogger who earns $ 1,00,000+ every year from Google AdSense

02) AmitBhawani.com – Amit Bhawani Patel, Hyderabad, India – Another Indian 6 Figure Tech Blogger

03) TechCrunch.com – a Technology Giant Blog

04) Techtree.com – Another Tech Competitor

Anyways…So I have made your work easy. I have find out your competition also. So your 50% job is done. You now just have to monitor your competition. This is how your mind should work. After all, it’s the Business.

Be Giant -

Another advise is that, You can not expect thousands of web traffic from just 1000-1500 posts. I have seen the stats of your blog. Right now it shows 1380 Indexed pages. This does not mean that you have posted 1380 posts. It includes total number of web pages also which are directing towards your blog.

image Now, see your Competition.

image Ooops…. Labnol shows 50,400 indexed pages. and see below.

image And Techcrunch shows 8,16,000 pages….!!!!

So you can imagine that what should be your goal? You can now clearly imagine that where are you today and where you have to go? You can not make a fortune with just 1380 Indexed pages. You need thousands of indexed pages to make a fortune from your blog.

So post daily 5-7 posts for at least 1 year if you really want to become a Giant Blogger from which level whole the world notices you.

Anyways… I hope this much information will be useful to you.

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