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How to Become a Millionaire Overnight?

How to Become a Millionaire Overnight?

This is one of the most common query that any Personal Finance Blogger receives. I also receive such kind of queries in my e-mail every month. People want to know that how they can become a Millionaire Overnight? So i thought that, I should tell them that What are the possible ways to become a Millionaire overnight.

Here are the 3 Possible ways to become a Millionaire Overnight -

01) Inheritance

02) Lottery Winning

03) Marry a Rich Spouse

Yes, the above 3 are the only sure shot ways to become a Millionaire overnight. First way is, you receive a large inheritance from your parents or guardians and become rich over night. The second way of getting rich overnight is that, you win a million dollar lottery ticket and the third way of becoming a millionaire overnight is that, you marry a rich spouse.

However, the chances of getting rich by all of the above ways are very very minimal.

Which are not the ways to become a Millionaire Overnight? -

- Investing
- Business (Online and Offline)
- Web Properties
- Become a Celebrity
- Become a Successful Actor, Sportsman, Doctor or any other Professional
- Become an Entrepreneur
- Start your own Internet Business

Well, above are not the ways of becoming a millionaire over night. But the above are the 100% surest ways to become a millionaire in your life.

Becoming a millionaire overnight ways don’t give you any guarantee but other ways of becoming a millionaire are surest ways to get rich. However, you will have to work hard a lot for those ways.

So now you decide that, which group of ways you want to select? The Choice is Yours…!!!!

I have chosen the second group of ways to become a rich. Means i have chosen Business, Investing & Entrepreneurship way to become a millionaire. Now, tell me that What is your way to become a Millionaire?

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