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How Much Currency is Printed in US in the last 100 Years?

How Much Currency is Printed in US in the last 100 Years?

The Total currency in Circulation plus bank reserve is known as “US Monetary Base”. The above diagram is of US Monetary base since 1920. See that up to now, US Government has printed US & 2 Trillion since 1920.

And since 2007 means since last 2 years only, the US Government has printed more money than it has ever printed in its history. Yea, since 2007, US Government has increased it’s monetary base from US $ 800 Billion to US $ 2 Trillion ($ 2000 Billion). It means that since 1920-2007, it has printed US $ 800 Billion and since 2007-2010, it has printed US $ 1200 Billion ($ 1.2 Trillion)….!!!!

Right now the US Dollar is the terribly flowing currency. And sooner or later the US Economy will suffer from the hyperinflation. The sad thing is that, the US Government is giving bailout to other countries of the world from this printed money.

Previously (Before 1971), the US Dollar was backed by Gold. But in 1971, President Nixon has removed the Gold Standard and the US Dollar became a free float currency means the Federal government can print as much amount of money according to the need of the economy.

What Do you think that, Does printing money like this will solve the Financial Problems of the world?

Is Printing Money the solution of the financial problems the world is facing right now?…!!!

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