Senin, 01 Februari 2010

Get Rich Quick Stories

Get Rich Quick Stories

Let us today discuss some stories about getting rich quick. Let us today discuss that how these Information age people have made fortunes in less than 5 years. And today they are enjoying dot com lifestyle while travelling the world.

01) Markus Frind of from Vancouver, Canada -

Markus Frind is the founder of the dating websites He is living in Vancouver and he makes over $ 1 Million every year from his amazing website. He is still in his twenties.

02) Yaro Starak of from Australia -

Yaro started his blog Entrepreneurs-journey in 2004. And in less than 5 years he turned his blog into an authority blog. Yaro is the 6 figure blogger and in his twenties. In 2008, Yaro visited 25 most beautiful cities from all around the world while making money from his blog and membership sites. Isn’t it amazing?

03) Amit Agarwal of from Agra, India -

Amit Agarwal is the Pioneer of the Indian Blogging Industry. He started his Technology Blog in 2004 and today in 2010 he is making 6 figure income in dollars every year from his Tech Blog. Amit is in his early thirties and the IIT Graduate.

04) Amit Bhawani Patel of from Hyderabad, India -

Amit Bhawani Patel from Hyderabad runs his Blog network which he started in year 2005 and today he is making $ 1,00,000 + every year from his authority blog.

05) Jon Chow of from Vancouver, Canada -

John Chow lives in Vancouver, Canada and runs his blog from his home. His Blog makes 6 figure income in dollars for him every year.

Well, all of the above are not some kind of crap. You can actually go to their websites and surf the web about them and find out that how these people have made fortunes in their twenties and early thirties because of the Internet.

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