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Deemed University De-Recognition Status India

Deemed University De-Recognition Status in India

Recently you must have heard or read one of the following NEWS Headlines in various News Papers, TV Channels or from friends, relatives and your children.

“44 Colleges to be Derecognized as Deemed Status”

“44 Deemed Universities may soon get Derecognition by Government of India”

“44 Doomed Universities to be de-recognized by Government of India”

“44 Deemed Universities Short Listed for Derecognition”

“44 Deemed Universities to lose Affiliation”

“44 Deemed University Cancellation News”

“44 Deemed Universities Derecognized by Indian Government”

“44 Deemed University good status addressed by Supreme Court India”

Centre Finds 44 Doomed Universities”

In the past one month, all the mass media communication channels are flooded with the above news headlines. Internet, TV, Radio, News Papers and everywhere else you will find the above news headlines as a top most news.

In fact, I am the Post Graduate Student of MS-Ophthalmology at one of such University which is facing derecognition. Well, I am studying at D.Y. Patil University, Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India.

Kapil Sibal

Kapil Sibal, The head of Human Resource Department (HRD) of India has initiated this move and filed a petition along with UPA Government in the Supreme court on the basis of High powered Tondon Committee. UGC (Universities Grants Commission) & NAAC are also involved. According to Kapil Sibal, this is the part of the Education Industry reformation in India.

You can read the Archive (Compendium) of Deemed University derecognition in the following Article.

Deemed University Status

The above is a Link of Articles on Derecognition of Deemed Universities. You will find all about derecognition of deemed universities in India in the above single article.

The first hearing in the Supreme court was on 25th January 2010 in front of A bench of Justices Dalveer Bhandari and A K Patnaik.

After this news, people have rushed on the Internet to find out more information about the matter. In the past one month only people have searched the web with Google with following queries. You can not imagine that, how people have Google the web in various ways to know more about this news and to get more information from the web.

The Commonest Search Queries on Google were,

- Cancellation of Deemed Universities

- Deemed Universities in India Derecognition

- Derecognition of Deemed Universities in India

- List of 44 Deemed Universities Cancelled

- List of 44 Deemed Universities to be Derecognized in India

And Many more…

Here is a Complete List of 44 Deemed Universities of India which are facing Derecognition by government of India.

List of 44 Derecognized Deemed Universities

Finally on 25th January 2010, Supreme Court of India has put a stay on this move of the government and ask the UGC that on which basis it has granted the deemed status to these universities in the past and also send a separate notice to all the 44 blacklisted deemed universities to present with their details on 8th March 2010.

The court was adjourned to 8th March 2010 for second hearing.

You can also read the article about “Deemed Universities Derecognition Status in India” here.

Deemed Universities Derecognition Status India

In the above article, I have covered the economic view point about government’s this move in a great detail You will find it very helpful to understand what’s going on in the Indian Education Industry.

Kapil Sibal: No Student of Failed Deemed Varsities will be affected

The Future of almost 2,00,000 students taking different courses in these 44 blacklisted universities is on risk. However, Kapil Sibal has assured that, these students will get their degrees from their affiliated universities.

Students and Parents from all over the India are also searching for “The List of 44 Deemed Universities that have given three years to improve”.

Yes, Kapil Sibal has given 3 Grades – A, B & C on the basis of various criterias and deficiencies. According to him A Grade Universities are those which does not require any improvement. B Grade Universities are those which have few deficiencies and given a time of 3 years to improve. While C Grade Universities are totally unfit universities by all means. Means C Grade Universities does not have any past record of good performance nor have any future assurance of improvement.

C-Grade Deemed Universities of India are facing the problem of Derecognition. However, right now supreme court has stop any action against these C-Grade Universities until the final decision comes.

So Now, let us wait and watch for the Second Hearing of Supreme Court on 8th March 2010.

Kapil Sibal – India’s Education Agenda

Watch the above YouTube Video by Kapil Sibal. Kapil Sibal Outlines His Agenda For The Education Sector. Says He Will Push For Opening Up The Sector For Foreign Investment And Calls For A Regulator Guest.

Kapil Sibal says that, he want to push for opening up the education sector for foreign investment. I think this will be a Historical Education Reformation in the Indian History.

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