Rabu, 17 Februari 2010

Buy Art During Inflation

Buy Art During Inflation

Art is one of the most precious asset class on the earth. One art involves literally hundreds of hours of mind labour work of the artist and this mind labour work makes it valuable. Art is the asset class which has beaten the inflation very well.

The US Government is printing more and more money day by day. And that’s why sooner or later it will suffer the hyperinflation means rising in prices. And Art is the Best Investment that can beat the inflation very well.

What I advise you is that, if you have spare money than rather than keeping it in Cash, just buy an art from it. Well, buying an art doesn’t mean that you buy millions of dollars of paintings. It can be a $ 100 of Sketch also on the A4 size of paper. The art can be worth of anything. It ca start from few hundred dollars to literally millions of dollars.

Just visit the eBay and see the collection of art for Sale on it and buy a nice peace of an art from it or visit your local art gallery and buy some good art for you.

Art can beat the inflation very well. Keeping money on hand is a Fool’s plan because the inflation will erode its value over the time and make it worthless in the long run. While art is something which will appreciate in its price year after year forever.

So Invest in Art…!!!

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