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Become Internet Millionaire

How to Become the Internet Millionaire?

This is the Information age and it is possible to become an Internet Millionaire in your twenties and early thirties by starting your own business on the Internet. Yes, today the whole the world is connected with the Internet and that’s why a school going kid can also start his own business on the internet and become a millionaire.

In the United States, total 250 Million Unique visitors access the Internet on the regular basis. This means that, you can find the market for virtually any kind of product and service on the Internet. Now, just imagine that, Starting your own Blog, Forum or the Internet Business means targeting these 250 Million Americans at a single shot.

And that’s why the opportunity of becoming a millionaire and a billionaire is much higher on the internet. US Web Traffic is world’s one of the most quality web traffic on the planet. and many Individuals, corporations & Fortune 500 Companies from all around the world are targeting this 250 Million high quality US Web traffic daily which combinely generates 520 Billion page views a day on the Internet.

Many Bloggers around the world are still in their twenties and they are the Internet Millionaires. Yes, the net worth of their blogs is in Millions. Read the Eyeball Valuation on

According to the Industry standards of the above Article, for Blogs the value of 1 unique visitor per month is US $ 10. That means that if your Blog receives 100,000 unique visitors per month than it means that it’s valuation is whooping US $ 1 Million. was sold to New York Times for whooping US $ 450 Million because it had 45 Million Unique Visitors every month. This Blog receives 14,000 unique visitors a month. This means that the valuation of this blog is US $ 140,000….!!!!

And I have created this much valuation in less than 2 years of blogging without any investment except the investment of 4-5 hours a day and my internet connection bill.

This means that, the more eyeballs you control in the Information age, the more money you can make in this age. You can become the Internet Millionaire by attracting literally hundreds of thousands of eyeballs…!!!!

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