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Average Wealth UK

Average Wealth UK

The richest 2% of this world own more than 50% of the world’s total wealth. And the richest 10% of the world own more than 85% of the total wealth and assets of the world and the rest 90% people around the world share just 15% of the wealth in this world.

I know that it sounds cruel but it’s the sad truth.

If we discuss about the Britain Economy than in UK the average household wealth is US $ 126,832 per adult which is the third highest in the world after USA & Japan. Yes, United States has the highest net worth per adult in the world.

Those with assets of $500,000 could consider themselves to be among the richest 1 per cent in the world. Those with net assets of $2,200 per adult were in the top half of the wealth distribution.

Although global income was distributed unequally, the spread of wealth was more skewed, according to the study by the World Institute for Development Economics Research of the UN University.

“Wealth is heavily concentrated in North America, Europe and high-income AsiaPacific countries. People in these countries collectively hold almost 90 per cent of total world wealth,” the report said.

Researchers defined wealth as the value of physical and financial assets minus debts.

In India, the average wealth per adult is just US $ 1100.

However, the countries like India & China are growing very very fast since past decade and at this rate, soon they will be world’s one of the largest economies.

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