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Aurvind Lama & Parthasarthy Sinha of Travelyaari.com

Aurvind Lama & Parthasarthy Sinha of Travelyaari.com – A Great Business Idea

Travelyaari.com is a great Internet Business idea. This online platform brings together bus operators, travel agents, and travelers for cheap and easy bus tickets.

Aurvind Lama & Parthasarthy Sinha are the Co-founders of Travelyaari.com.

Aurvind Lama –

Travelyaari, a venture of Mantis technologies, aims to put your mind at ease when it comes to booking tickets for long distance travels by bus. The bus operators display the number of buses, available seats and the prices for each on the website and the user can pick what he/she likes and book the tickets then and there. They also facilitate the option of booking tickets of one operator with an agent who represents another operator, when there is a shortage of seats for the latter. They bring different operators or players, as they would like to call them, together and in-turn help the travelers in availing good seats at fair prices. They have also helped introduce the entire system on SMS - right from booking tickets and getting confirmations to updates on delay in departure - every thing is sent to the customer through SMS.

Aurvind Lama, one of the co-founders of Travelyaari.com, is a B Tech holder from IIIT Allahabad and has worked with Infosys for about two years. He hold an MBA degree from IIM Ahmedabad and has interned with the largest logistics company in the world - Deutsche Post World Net. It was here that he learnt about strategizing, investment building and realized that with the right pricing a lot could be achieved in today's market.Aurvind met Partha Sinha in Bangalore during his preparation for the CAT exam. They even joined IIMA together. Both were hired by companies operating abroad at the 'Day 0 placement' event. When Aurvind spoke to Partha about starting a venture in India, Partha gladly agreed.

While they were exploring the markets, they were referred to Prateek Nigam. Prateek's simple demeanor, sharp mind and intelligence appealed to Aurvind and he decided to take him on board after their first meeting. Fondly called as the 'Stud Boy' in the company, Prateek has about twelve years of experience in the industry. Prateek introduced them to Rajiv, who with about nine years in the travel industry knows everything that one needs to be aware of. The good, the bad, the loopholes, the practices, the pitfalls and also the workarounds - Rajiv knows them all. With a strong team in place, Aurvind thinks each of their skills is invaluable to the success of Travelyaari.

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