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Affiliate Marketing in India

Affiliate Marketing in India

Many people ask me that, how is the affiliate marketing opportunity in India? Well, if you ask me than in the online world, the affiliate marketing opportunity in India is very low because of the poor internet penetration of the internet in India.

India has a population of over 1 Billion (100 Crores) and the Internet Penetration is just less than 2%. And that’s why if you want to sell something online to the people of India via the online Internet marketing than you can’t reach your target market properly because of the low Internet penetration.

However, this doesn’t mean that as an Indian, you can’t make fortune from the affiliate marketing i.e. by selling other people’s products online. Well, see. The main advantage of the Internet is that, it is connected with the every computer in this world. And do you know what it means?

Well, it means that you are connected with world’s every kind of market in every demographics and in every Niche via your own home computer. It means that even if you are from India, you can still target the market in any niche from any part of the world.

Say for Example, if you want to sell Hot Wheels from the Amazon affiliates program than you can target the USA or the Australian market from your home only.

Michael Jones of the Affiliate Code is selling several products online and target varieties of markets and different niches from all around the world. Targeting a web traffic towards your affiliate products is a mind game. And Michael will teach you in his video tutorials that How he is making literally US $ 65K every month after month fully on the autopilot by selling other people’s products online.

Yes, and that is Rs.30 Lakhs every month fully on the autopilot. And Michael has developed everything from Scratch only without investing any money behind buying a targeted web traffic. So learn from him that how you can also target various markets from all around the world.

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